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Not all Angels wear Wings

First Place National ICN Angel, Sophie, pictured below wearing Wonder Woman inspired costume

I don't want to do the thinking...

Okay, so you've decided to compete and to enter the theme wear division, but have NO IDEA where to start when it comes to picking a costume. Leave this to us. We will come up with all the ideas, do the research, source all of the fabrics, materials and do all of the labour. Just let us know during the enquiry stage that you would like this as part of your service.

Victoria Secret Inspired Wings

KoKo custom designed theme wear and VS inspired wings


Competition Essentials

Custom robes, tanning onesies, heels, jewellery, accessories and everything in between


Absolutely loved my theme wear created by Kelly! I remember trying it on and just thinking WOW!!! She also did an amazing job blinging up my stage bikini. She is so friendly and professional. 100% will use her again for my future competitions!

Caity, Vic

Amazing service from day 1. Always keeping you up to date with the process and making sure all the finer details are accurate. Thank you Kelly for making such a beautiful swimsuit. Im very happy with the entire outcome.

Rachel, Vic

Kelly is amazing!! I first bought a tanning suit off her and loved it. Best tanning suit I've ever bought! I was so happy with Kelly's service that I looked into her themewear and found a costume I was in love with. She then helped me with my costume and it looked amazing! I'd definitely use Kelly again. Highly recommend her services!

Cassandra, NSW

Kelly went above and beyond to make me an absolutely amazing costume! Fast service, fast postage! Could not ask for a better costume maker! Thank you so so much! I will 100% be using her services again.

It's amazing...Thank you so much xx You create such amazing costumes every time .. I'm so glad I found you to make these outfits for me.

Nicola, Qld

Kelly showed extreme professionalism throughout the whole process, she worked very closely with me to create what I wanted, she was open to ideas and if it seemed impossible - she made it possible!The creativity through it all and watching it evolve from mind to paper to the actual piece was amazing.I could not fault her work, from the quality of the material to the final little touches on my themewear, down to hand delivered in a box to store it after comp. If you’re looking for themewear and for someone to help bring your vision to life, look no further, Kelly is your gal!

Lauren, Vic

Highest quality theme wear for all federations- as a posing coach I work with hundreds of suppliers but Kelly from Competition Theme wear is the only company I highly recommend to my clients for professional outfits for stage! It’s very important to hire a professional like Kelly and her team of seamstresses as you will be judged on the presentation of your out fit and how it fits you. competition theme wear know exactly the right cut specific to each federation and to accentuate all your hard work on stage!

Nat Kitney - Posing Coach, Vic

First Place ICN Theme Wear SA States and First Place ICN Theme Wear Nationals:

It fits like a glove. I love it. It's so good.... Can't thank you enough for bringing my vision to life.

Sophie, SA

Couldn't recommend enough! Honestly it was such an easy process leaving everything up to you guys to create! I loved the outcome and enjoyed the journey so much.

Montana Vic/Qld

So beautiful and incredible hand work! Kelly is so beautiful inside and out and it shows in her work.

Kelly, the wings deserve so much credit. My partner is going to frame them.

Ema, Vic

Award Winning Theme Wear

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Ring leader or lion tamer costume for ANB theme wear

The Brand

We are a feminine brand with a dream to make all our girls feel a million dollars on their big day.

We know how big a deal competitions are for our athletes, with the sacrifices, dedication, discipline and planning that goes into a comp prep, so we want to do as best we can to make sure you look and feel amazing on the stage.

We love making WBFF bikinis and WBFF theme wear for ladies who want to stand out on stage.

Who is KoKo?

KoKo is the small brand aiming to make a big impact.

Run by fellow competitor, Kelly, a self-proclaimed 'eco warrior', with a dream to make competing as eco-friendly as possible.

Where we can, we will upcycle fabrics and materials, re-use packaging and we try to make sure as many of our materials as possible are sourced on Australian soil.



Based in Melbourne, Australia. We service all Australian States and International clients*.

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