Rent your theme wear

We know not everybody has a spare G or three to drop on a costume, so we offer the option to rent some of our costumes and suits at a fraction of the cost. We like to think of it as being an environmentally friendly way of looking amazing, without the hefty price tag that comes with custom pieces.

Following all necessary safety guidelines and hygiene practices, you can rent one of our ready made costumes from as little as $80*.

Of course we have to take a deposit, but you get that back, as long as you look after it and return it within the timeframe agreed. 

This way, you can still look amazing, at a fraction of the cost, and don't have to worry about selling your suit on at the end of your comp!!

Check out the current product options here or enquire via our contact section if you have any other questions. 


*Plus postage, based on a 4 day rental arrangement.