Frequently Asked Questions, answered. Here you can see some of our most commonly asked questions to get started with your theme wear costume.


Q - How far in advance should I book in for my theme wear?

A - As soon as you have decided to compete, hit us up. The longer we have, the better. At a push, a costume can be put together in 8 weeks, but it is always preferred that we have around 12, to be safe.


Q - How much does it cost?


A - every costume is individually priced dependent on size, complexity, hours required and how much you want making.  We aim to work to every budget as it is our desire to ensure everyone feels special and looks amazing on the day.


Q - Can you do WBFF theme wear costume?


A - of course! We are not limited by the federation. We love making the couture style bikinis and costumes that are classy, elegant and sparkly. A LOT of work goes into these, so please be mindful of this when it comes to cost and time.


Q - Can I use my existing bikini to make a new themewear costume?


A - Of course. At KoKo, we are big on recycling, upcycling and will reuse costumes and materials whenever we can.  We want to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and be as eco friendly as possible. 


Q - Do you service all States? 


A - Yes.  We have clients all over Australia.  We even have clients from the United States of America. You just need to be aware that postage may cost a little more than usual because we are posing across States. 


Q - How does it work?


A - when you send us your initial enquiry for theme wear, we will need information such as concepts, budget, competition date and location from you. We can't give you a quote until you tell us what you have in mind. "How much does theme wear cost?" can't really be answered unless we know what theme wear you are talking about.


Q - What should I wear for my fitness competition?


A - Let us help you there! Once we have settled on your budget and have an idea of your personality, let us get to work. As soon as we have your deposit paid, we can get to work on your costume ideas. We usually make a vision board of costume ideas, have a telephone conversation (or facetime/facebook video call) to hash out some concepts, then we start the ordering and creating.

Remember, each costume is bespoke and individual, so it takes a lot of time, planning, research, labour and supplies. So please take this into consideration when looking at our price for theme wear costumes.


Q - What is the best theme wear?


A - Whatever you feel the most comfortable, confident and special in. It could be a really simple 2 piece costume that makes you feel a million dollars, or it could be a 10 piece with all the bells and whistles. We LOVE making big, sparkly costumes, but we also love the simple old classics too. Make sure to check out our Gallery to see some inspo.